How No-Code Platforms Accelerate Business Application Development

Can your business afford traditional software development? If not, no-code platforms may be your answer.

What Is a No-Code Platform?

For those who are curious, a no-code platform lets interested parties create new apps for various purposes even with either no coding knowledge or minimal coding knowledge on their part. This can sound rather unbelievable, but it is nonetheless something that has come into existence in recent times. Moreover, no-coding platforms have proven to be very useful, so much so that interested parties should make sure to consider them into their decision-making when the relevant decisions come up.

What Are the Biggest Upsides to No-Code Platforms?

Fast Development

First and foremost, no-code platforms are useful because they can turn out full-fledged apps faster than otherwise possible. This is critical because the business world is changing on a constant basis, meaning that the businesses that are most capable of keeping up with said changes are the businesses in the best positions to succeed. In contrast, businesses that are too slow can see potential opportunities slip out of their grasp as well as potential risks cause serious damage to their interests even when they see them coming beforehand.

Less Expensive Development

Second, specialized expertise and experience are very expensive. As a result, businesses have strong financial incentives to minimize their need for such so long as it doesn’t come at a detriment to their desired results. By choosing to use a no-code platform, interested parties can get the apps that they want with minimal involvement from engineers, which is something that can save them considerable development costs in the long run. Of course, every dollar that has been saved from software development is another dollar that can be put to better uses in the rest of the business’s operations, thus making for even further gains with smart decision-making.

Ease of Change

There is no such thing as a perfect app. In part, this is because the chances of a business being able to predict its app needs with perfect precision are very low even when it has a solid understanding of what it is looking to do as well as plenty of experience to guide it in its app development. However, it should also be noted that the business environment isn’t constant, meaning that the exact demands for a particular app aren’t constant either. Under these circumstances, businesses that choose to launch their own apps must be prepared to make a serious commitment to updating them as necessary, thus ensuring that the fruits of their labor will continue to remain useful instead of being rendered useless within no more than a short period of time. The issue with this is that such commitments can be very expensive, particularly since it calls for the same kind of specialized knowledge as actually making the app in the first place. However, when businesses choose to use a no-code platform, they can cut these development costs down as much as possible, thus enabling them to get their desired results without breaking their budgets in the process.

Online Support

Some no-code platforms come with online support that allows them to run in any web browser, which enables them to provide a number of useful features on top of what their desktop-ran counterparts can offer. For instance, such no-code platforms simplify IT requirements such as networking and server capacity, as compared to on-premise no-code platforms that rely on expensive hardware and redundant equipment.

Furthermore, a no-code platform with online support means that interested parties can count on their work being backed up with minimal precaution on their own part, which is something that should provide them with more peace of mind. After all, there is a reason that businesses are recommended to preserve their most critical data based on the 3–2–1 rule, meaning 3 copies on at least 2 different mediums with 1 copy stored offsite.

Finally, it should be mentioned that higher data security is something that comes packaged with no-code platforms that offer online support as well, which is of paramount importance even when compared with the other two factors mentioned here. This is because security provides intended users with peace of mind, thus encouraging them to take up the app’s use and make it a centerpiece of their business. In contrast, known security issues are the kind of thing that can damage not just the prospects of an app but also the prospects of the business as a whole because it speaks poorly of its capabilities, which in turn, means that it won’t be trusted as much by potential customers.

Are There Any Potential Problems With the Use of No-Code Platforms?

Further Considerations

Hartmann Industries, LLC. and its global subsidiaries assist and improve companies by increasing their efficiency and productivity with a range of custom software solutions and managed IT services. EUROPA, the no-code platform designed to accelerate business ERP development, stands at the forefront of Hartmann Industries, LLC.’s offerings.



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