Ransomware can cost your business millions in damages — are you protected?

Is Your Financial Firm Protected Against Cyberattacks?

Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for a wide range of businesses in a wide range of industries. Tens of thousands of cyberattacks happen every single day, costing businesses hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis…

Work From Home is quickly becoming the “new norm” for companies looking to save money in a post-COVID world.

So You’ve Switched Over to Remote Work

The COVID-19 crisis has convinced a lot of companies to switch over to remote work. However, while this kind of setup has similarities with its onsite counterpart, it is very much not the same. …

The coronavirus is moving fast — can your business keep up?

In December 2019, the world was abruptly exposed to a novel coronavirus commonly referred to as COVID-19. The viral infection, causing severe respiratory symptoms spread throughout China and then the world.

Now, in March 2020, entire countries are under lockdown. Average citizens are only permitted outside for essential shopping only…

There are many new, technology-driven ways to cut expenses and increase profits, all while improving your company’s efficiency and growing your customer base.

Looking to Cut Your Business Expenses?

Businesses exist for the purpose of profit-making. As a result, most of them have a very natural interest in raising their revenues as well as cutting their expenses, both of which are potential paths to profit maximization. However, if businesses are looking to slash their business expenses by as much…

An abandoned  office building with empty desks
Is this your future? Image credits: Daniel Tuttle

Humanity has always striven to build efficiency through automation, and with each passing year, it’s clear that our society is putting more and more value on superior results and smaller manpower. In the modern age, automation is a controversial topic — you can walk into a McDonald’s and order food…

Is your business fully taking advantage of the internet and globalization?

Do You Need a Business Website?

If you are running a small or medium-sized website, you might assume that you don’t need a business website. However, websites can offer incredible marketing opportunities, meaning that it would be a real shame to pass up on them without giving them due consideration.

What Are 3 Ways that a…

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